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AP (Advanced Placement)

AP gives students the chance to tackle college-level work while they're still in high school—whether they're learning online or in the classroom. And through taking AP Exams, students can earn college credit and placement.

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💭 A Deeper Dive...

If you have started high school recently or are due to start soon, you might be wondering, "What are AP classes?" You might have heard that they are extra-advanced or that you can earn college credit by passing AP exams. But how do these classes work exactly?

Advanced Placement is a program run by the College Board (the makers of the SAT) that allows you to take special high school courses that can earn you college credit and/or qualify you for more advanced classes when you begin college. AP courses are designed to give you the experience of an intro-level college class while you're still in high school. Plus, you can get college credit for the class if you pass the AP exam.

An AP exam is basically a test of all that you learn in an AP class. You will typically earn college credit if you pass the exam given at the end of the year in May.

Why should you consider taking AP classes? Here are three potential benefits:

They Can Boost Your College Applications! Taking an AP class (or several!) is a great way to challenge yourself academically and show colleges that you're serious about your education.

They Can Show Your Passion! Taking AP exams is also a way to demonstrate real academic interest in a certain subject. For example, if you're an aspiring engineer, taking the AP Calculus and AP Physics courses and passing their respective exams will prove to college admissions committees that you're serious about engineering and have the skills necessary to pursue it.

They Can Get You College Credit! Some colleges and universities offer college credit for passing AP exams, which can save you money on tuition and help you graduate earlier.

QUESTIONS?? - Contact your school counselor or ask your core content teachers for more information!