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Student Attendance


Please let us know any time your student is absent for all or part of the school day.
  1. By phone:  Leave a message with the Attendance Line at 503-674-5519
  2. By email:  Email our Attendance Secretary at

Attendance Infographic (English / Spanish). Click this link for a quick reference guide on student absences at GHS.

Importance of Consistent Attendance

Research backs up the common-sense belief that children suffer academically if they aren’t in class to learn. 

Legal Expectation of Attendance

Gresham Barlow School District Policy: JEA – Compulsory Attendance

Except when exempt by Oregon law, all students between the ages of 6 and 18 years, who have not completed the 12th grade, are required to regularly attend a public full-time school during the entire school term.

Expectation to remain on GHS Campus

  • Although students are allowed to leave the GHS campus for lunch, they are not allowed to leave campus at any other time during the day without parent/caregiver permission.  11th or 12th graders with late arrival, early dismissal or a release period are the only exception to this rule as they are expected to be off campus during their release period. 

Students are expected to attend school every period, every day. 

Parents/Caregivers are expected to notify the school anytime their student will be absent for all or part of the school day.  Only a Parent or Guardian can call in to excuse a student’s absence.  A student cannot call in for themselves, even if a parent asks them to do so.  Absences can be excused by:

  1. Calling the attendance message line at (503) 674-5519.  Messages can be left in English and Spanish regarding absences, tardies, or appointment pick-ups, 
  2. Sending a Parent Square or email message to our Attendance Secretary, Cindi Acott Thuman.  (
  3. Parents/Caregivers will be notified of student absences using our autodial system and can also monitor attendance through ParentVue.
  4. Autodial Messages:  In accordance with state law, parents/caregivers will receive a phone call notification of their student’s absence.  This is a recorded message that says something like,
  5. “Good Afternoon, this is Gresham High School.  We are calling to inform you that your student was marked absent yesterday September 21st for periods 1, 2, 3, and 4.  …..”

Parents may also customize attendance notifications in Parent Square to also receive text or email messages when their student is absent.

Parents can always check the Student Attendance Screen in Parent Vue to see detailed information about their student’s period attendance.  Please use this resource Checking Student Period Attendance in Parent Vue for instructions.

Research and Resources Regarding Attendance

Key Points of Contact:

GHS Teachers:  If you have a question about your student’s attendance in a given class, their teacher is the best person to contact.  The teacher will have insight on whether or not your student is frequently absent, frequently tardy and what is possible in terms of making up missed learning.  Teachers can be contacted via email directly through ParentVue and Parent Square.  

Cindi Acott Thurman, Attendance Secretary:  Ms. Acott is a key contact when excusing absences, setting up prearranged absences and or following up regarding larger attendance reporting issues.  Absence should be excused via the GHS Attendance Message Line at 503-674-5519.  If you need to speak to Ms. Acott, she can be reached at the GHS Main Line 503-674-5500, via Parent Square or via email at

Walter Castillo, Student Engagement Liaison:  Mr. Castillo is dedicated to helping students achieve success in school through consistent attendance, engagement, and follow through.  Mr. Castillo monitors schoolwide attendance and works with both individuals and groups of students to support their growth.