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Is your student in Quarantine?

Click this Link: Message for Students in Quarantine (English and Spanish) 

The link above includes information on how to access schoolwork as well as tips and resources for support with schoolwork while at home.  This information may be helpful during quarantine and for other excused absences.

Please call the school to let us know if your student is put into quarantine by an entity other than the school. GHS is not automatically notified by a doctor's office when they recommend quarantine due to exposure or a positive test. Please contact the school at 503-674-5500 so that we can update our records and keep our community healthy.

When a student and family receive notice that their student will need to stay home due to quarantine, it can raise questions about how the student continues to engage in school.  While Quarantine is time out of school, it is not intended to be time off.  We encourage students to use the following strategies to stay current with schoolwork as symptoms allow.

Accessing Schoolwork


Accessing Schoolwork SP