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Tim Mowery

Attention families and students: It’s FORECASTING WEEK! This week students will be submitting a Google Form to select their classes for the 2024-2025 school year. It is always an important step for parents and caregivers to review their student’s forecasting to ensure they have made good choices for their future. When students’ submit the Google Form, there is a spot for parents/guardians to type their name, indicating they reviewed their student’s choices.


Here is a breakdown of the schedule for Forecasting week:


Monday (2/12):

  • In Advisory, students will get a copy of their Transcript, a copy of grade-specific worksheets*, and go over a presentation that will cover how to read a transcript, how to use the worksheet as a draft, and picking classes intentionally.

*The worksheet is to be used as a helpful tool/guide for forecasting. It can be used as a draft to help students map out their forecasting choices and use it as a tool for when they submit the Forecasting Google Form. Do not turn in the worksheet please!

  • After Advisory, students will attend grade-level presentations with the counselors in the Auditorium. 

    • 11th grade: 3rd period

    • 10th grade: 4th period

    • 9th grade: 5th period

    • AM CAL students: 6th period

Students need to check-in with their class teacher first before heading down to the Auditorium!


Tuesday (2/13) and Wednesday (2/14):

  • During lunch time, counselors will be in the 1st floor Commons to answer any forecasting questions students may have

  • Students should be checking in with their teachers to ensure they are signing up for the correct level of coursework for them.


Thursday (2/15):

  • Assembly Schedule and Forecasting forms DUE

    • Students will stay in their 2nd period classes during the Assembly time.

    • They will submit their Forecasting Forms online and teachers will check that students have submitted them.



  • Students can submit their Forecasting Forms online early if they are ready before Thursday, the 15th. 

  • Here is a link to the Forecasting Website: Gresham High School Forecasting Information

    • Click on the image of the Course Planning Guide to open a PDF version of it and find descriptions of all of our course options for 2024-2025.

    • Watch videos of staff and students talking about our course options

    • Watch grade-specific videos of our counselors walking you through filling out the Forecasting Form online

    • View the grade-specific slide presentations

    • View the grade-specific worksheets to use as a tool for forecasting

    • Find the Forecasting Forms to fill out (make sure your student fills out the grade level they will be NEXT YEAR)

  • Schedule changes will not be allowed in the Fall 2024. Counselors will only be able to make schedule changes if there is an error in a student’s schedule.

  • The classes that students select now help create our class schedules in the Fall. We determine how many sections of electives are offered based on what students Forecast for now!



  • Counselors will be reviewing students’ forecasting selections with each student individually to ensure students are choosing the correct classes and course levels. This will happen in your student’s classes. More information will be sent by ParentSquare as we get closer to these dates.